Sue Wilkinson

Hi there, I’m Sue Wilkinson and I am your Director / Teacher / Administration

A little work place history, I became involved in childcare when I enrolled my son Daniel at Wickham KU Children’s Service Preschool. I accepted a position on the Parent Management Committee to assist with the fundraising activities; also parents were needed to volunteer for the kitchen roster. It was during that year, 1993, when the Director offered me part-time work, which involved working with children with additional needs.

I thoroughly enjoyed working with children in the Early Childhood environment.

An Un-trained childcare worker position was advertised at Merewether KU Children’s Services (1985), I applied and successfully gained that position. It was during that time when I received encouragement to consider ‘The Certificate of Child Care Studies’ course at TAFE.

I undertook that study commitment over 4 years part-time (1987-1990), maintained my employment with KU Children’s, not to mention time with my family and believe it or not I actually survived.

Once this milestone was achieved, I decided to extend and develop my professional career further. I enrolled as a mature age student at the University of Newcastle in the Bachelor of Education - Early Childhood course. This time I decided to study full-time and I resigned from work. My studies were completed in November 1993. For the next 6 months I worked casual for the Department of School Education and a variety of Early Childhood Centres.

On the 13th April 1994, I was one very happy teacher, I started my new job as the Director / Teacher of Edgeworth Childcare Centre, but little did I know about the ups and downs involved in this job. The good news though is that after 27 years at this job, I still enjoy working with young children and their families, and over the years I have flourished and participated in the many, many changes that have occurred at Edgeworth Child Care Centre. Your children are all little treasures, who make my day with their honesty and achievements as they grow and develop during their time at Edgeworth Child Care Centre.

Please note that my working hours are generally Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday 8.00am to 5.30pm.

Linda Duke

Hi, my name is Linda Duke. I am 2IC and Room Leader of the Pre-School Room. I have worked at ECCC for 10+ years and I have worked in the Early Childhood profession for the past 23 years. Being an early childhood educator has been my dream since I was 15 and I have to say it still is my absolute passion. Watching children grow, learn and being able to work with families in partnership to provide the best start for their children's educational journey makes this job the best in the world. Being a wife and a mum as well as being an educator makes my world almost complete. The last piece of my world is my absolute obsession with the Mighty Newcastle Knights. I look forward to working with you and your families.

Emma Millett

My name is Emma and I have been working at Edgeworth Child Care Centre for the past ten years.  I completed my Certificate 3 in Children's Services then continued my studies to attain my Diploma in Children's Services through TAFE.  I have a passion supporting children in their precious first years of learning .  I take pride in building relationships with both the children and their families.  I believe families are a vital part in bridging the gap between home and childcare.  In my spare time I like spending time with my family and friends, catching up on movies and TV shows and going out for coffee.

Georgie Lowe  Currently on Maternity Leave
Patricia McTaggart

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